We’ll show You How to Make “Movie Style” Green Screen Videos That’ll make your viewers say WOW!

Workshops are currently completed for 2012.  Contact us if you would like a personal session.

Green Screen Magic Class Only $47

So you need some fancy special effects in your video? Would you like to transport your talent into space, make them fly like Superman, or take them on a cruise in the Caribbean? It is not difficult with the magic of the green screen. Don’t be afraid of this simple special effect set-up;

the truth is that an effective green screen is neither complicated nor expensive. All you need is a simple green background, some even lighting and a little know-how. You can easily get the actual green screen background and the correct lighting

Our instructors, at VideoSkillsAcademy, will teach you everything you need to know to create awesome green screen effects, no matter of your skill level!

Have Fun, Create Awesome Videos with Green Screen

  • Fun for your family: Put them in settings from around the world.
  • Teachers: Teach a class on Rome, Greece, or maybe the Wild West?  Bring your green screen to class and then take video of the students and put their video in the era that they are learning about.
  • Virtual Backgrounds Eliminate the need for a variety of fixed backgrounds or elaborate sets.

This 3 hour class covers many aspects of planning and setting up for best results, from selecting the proper green screen background material to correctly lighting your subjects to  choosing the right keying process for your project.  Whether you’re planning to work with virtual sets or live backgrounds, this workshop will get you prepared and ready to shoot.

The uses for Green Screen are only limited to your imagination!

We’re also including a bonus of showing you how to shoot interviews and head shots. Interview setups are becoming more popular due to the increased making of online video and media.

Some of the more common scenarios and solutions include tough shooting and lighting situations for talent with bald heads and how to reduce shiny foreheads.

We will show you how to deal with people who wear glasses and how to avoid reflections as well as how to light dark skin properly and avoid reflective green spill.

All class offerings are conducted in our own privately owned green screen studio facility located at St. Joseph Radio  in St Charles, you will learn through  practical examples exactly how to best setup and manage a green screen studio and how to achieve the best results possible at minimal expense.


Here Is What You’ll Get In This Course:


We Will Show You What You’ll Need For The Green Screen Backdrop

You’re going to need a green back drop to shoot a green screen video . . .  that is a no brainer … but what kind of material works best with the green screen effect?   We’ll show you what color green you’ll need so that you don’t experience difficulties during post production. We know how tight budgets are and we will show you how you can set up your green screen and stay within your budget.

 You Will Learn What You’ll Need For Lighting

One of the most important factors in making a green screen work well is lighting. If your lighting it’s set properly, your green screen effect is going to look really bad. We’ll show you an inexpensive method for proper lighting for the effect.  We’ll also show you the professional lighting setup that we use in our studio.

We Will Show You What Cameras Work Best

In today’s digital world, pretty much any camera that will shoot with a reasonable definition will work.  Due to technical specifications, some cameras work better than other cameras We will explain to you the reasons why some cameras will work better than others.

You Will Learn The Type of Software You’ll Need To Use The  Green Screen Effect.

Many editing software programs will allow the green screen effect but some won’t.  However many of the low cost and free programs have plugins that most people don’t know about. We’ll discuss the differences between the more cost effective programs and the professional grade programs

We Will Show You How To Make A Movie Quality Green Screen Video

During the final phase of the workshop, we will demonstrate the complete process from start to finish. You will see how it all comes together!  You will see how it is possible for you to produce high quality green screen videos that will look as professional as what you see on the TV.

You and your friends will really be impressed when you see your first green screen videos The Green Screen effect opens up a whole new world for you to explore.