Classes are held in a fully functional Video Production Studio by Video Professionals.  Class size is limited for personalized hands-on instruction.  We will have three professional video coaches ready to take you from the Text Book to Take One. There are Four Classroom module sessions per course, online resource materials and student evaluations for each module.

All Classroom Session are completed for 2012.

However, we are excited to announce our new VIDEO PRODUCTION 101  online course is now available!


Intro to Video Production 101

WELCOME!  We’re glad you’re here.  In this video, we give you a brief overview of what you can expect to learn in the first session.  We cover the basics, but not to the extent that the more experienced videographer will be yawning.  There’s information here that is beneficial to just about every student level.  In the remaining Sessions we build on the basic foundation and concentrate on developing the Skill and Art of the craft through better shooting and editing techniques.

Big Breaking News!  Our Video Production 101 course Session 1 IS NOW ON-LINE.  Check out the curriculum with 30 lectures with over 1. 5 hours of video instructions, descriptive text, audio classroom discussions by Jim and Gary and provisions for you to ask us specific questions right from the page you’re working on.  It’s available on line with a no-questions-asked 30 day refund if you’re not completely satisfied.  Once you purchase the class it’s yours to keep.  We are committed to making this course as complete, up to date and as entertaining as it would be in the resident classroom environment. Please click on the this link to go directly to the online class and preview the material.  Sign up and start learning how to use your camcorder to make professional looking videos right away!


Session One:
Video Production 101
Learn some of the tricks and secrets of video production.  Learn what all those buttons do on the video camera. Learn about shot composition

Session Two:
Editing Fundamentals
It may seem odd to offer editing in the second session but the most logical way to learn video is to understand the editing process.

Session Three:
Editing Fundamentals 102
Expanding on the fundamentals learned in session two, more advanced software editing features are explored such as: special effects, chroma keying, etc.

Session Four:
Studio Production101
Learn the fundamentals of studio production as you participate in a live recording session in our broadcast studio.


Throughout the course you will learn the various aspects of camera operations for both studio and remote productions

You will become familiar with the modern camcorder functions and it’s basic operation

You will understand common production terms and the roles of personnel in the entire production process

You will know what it takes to shoot properly composed and framed video

You will learn proper lighting techniques and control the total exposure

You will understand the difference between professional and amateur video

You will take your great looking video to the next step: Editing…. from there, the sky is the limit!